Yoga and Spiritual Healing retreat!


Join Amit Shauli and Michael Heemskerk for their joint event. Spiritual Healing with Michael and Yoga with Amit.

1 person Shared double room US$690
1 person Private room US$8902016-10-10-10-52-42
2 persons Double room 1Queen size bed US$1,250

What’s included:

3 gourmet vegetarian meals daily
4 nights accommodation
6 hours daily Sekhem All Love workshop with Michael
2 Yoga classes every day
Daily shuttle to beach
Diet and nutrition tips to live a healthier life
Transportation from and to Liberia Airport (LIR)

What is All Love?
ALL LOVE is the total re-connection to
the Universe, the Source, Love
or, as some people call it, God! It is the
real ignment of your phy s i cal ,
emotional, mental and spiritual body
into one unified body connecting to the ALL.

What is the main target in an All Love workshop?
To help people establish this reconnection by supporting them to find what it is that is withholding them from that (re)connection to Source. To help them find why they are not happy, why they can’t express how they really feel, why they are not allowing themselves to be loved, and sometimes why they are not able to give Love.
In the class we try to help them opening up for every possibility that is there for them, and help them realize that they have a choice in this. The workshop is created to give a safe space and place where people can experience and explore their deepest feelings.
Most of us have not learnt to express our feelings when it is necessary, and in the course of our lives have been repressing what we really felt because of that. This may cause feelings of fear, doubting, false judgement, insecurities, hate, self hate and even may cause an illness. It will influence the choices that you make. When we create energy as a thought or an emotion, may it be anger or love, or another energy, it needs to be expressed in one way or another. Because once created you cannot un-create this energy, it cannot disappear. The energy needs to flow and be expressed, if it is not expressed it will just stay in the body, and mostly in the places of the body that are the weakest or most vulnerable.
So it is easy to see that that may cause illnesses in the long term.

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